Slim Tennis

In Dutch, "slim" means "smart". is the largest Dutch website offering information and knowledge on the mental side of tennis. Under Slim Tennis, I offer webinars and mental coaching sessions for tennis players of all levels.

Top Tennis Tracker

An app designed to the highest standards, which provides tennis players with insights into their game. Parents and coaches are able to track the score of their players' matches, enabling elaborate details for easy viewing and analysis.

A website still in the starting-up phase. The aim is for it to become the go-to mental tennis portal for aspiring professional players. It will include extensive sport psychological articles, a forum, and it will offer webinars.

Inner Tennis

The Inner Tennis app motivates you to find your inner strength as a tennis player and as a person. It is based on a series of quotes combining the spiritual with the sports psychological, grouped in five chapters and including assignments.

The Mental Habits of Winners

I have written a book on mental tennis training. It is the most concreet method of mental training for tennis players out there. It teaches What to train, Where to train, and most importantly How to train. Expected publishing date is February 2021.